1. khal
    17. August 2017 @ 1:01

    Outstanding !
    The coolest blog i came across, thank you for sharing

    “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”
    Albert Einstein


  2. Ian
    10. July 2018 @ 6:16

    Hello Andreas,

    I think I have a fix for the software issue and also the lack of a user manual for the IT9000 software.

    I downloaded the software for the IT8800 from here > http://www.itech.sh/en/support/Down-11.htm

    Scroll down to the IT9000-PV8800 Software and download the rar file then do the same for the User Manual which is located below the software.

    I uninstalled the original software for the IT8500, also called IT9000 and installed the version for the IT8800 and it works great and the hidden buttons are revealed and able to be used. The manual seems fairly complete and I look forward to reading your comments as to if this fixed your software issues.

    I have IT8511+ on order (150W version of the one you have tested) and look forward to using it.

    Thanks for all your great You Tube videos and Blog, keep it coming!



  3. Lena
    28. September 2020 @ 3:56

    Hi Andreas,
    This is Lena at ITECH Electronic. Our products are DC/AC power supply, electronic load. Our equipment applications also include sensors and IOT.
    I did some research on your videos and they very relevant for our products, so is there a chance to cooperate with you?
    Thanks in advance.
    This is our website: http://www.itech.sh/en/
    Best Regards,


    • admin
      16. November 2020 @ 12:23

      Hi Lena,
      maybe you send me a Facebook or Twitter message. You find the links in the video descriptions.


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