1. vinc
    22. July 2019 @ 7:47

    Hello Andreas
    i think this image http://www.sensorsiot.org/node-red-infuxdb-grafana-installation/
    is not working on a raspberry 4.
    Do you have the Single steps also documented?

    my Goal would be to have a Raspberry Pi
    attached a SSH Disk

    with a Node-Red, InfuxDB & Grafana Installation
    mqtt / Moskitto
    and the rtl_433-for-a-sdr-rtl-dongle
    Also Lora Information should arrive there at the end.

    but a stumble over the installation

    have a nice day


  2. Daniel
    22. July 2019 @ 9:16

    Thanks a lot for the great work and your great videos!

    Is it maybe possible to make a video showing how to change the passwords?
    Especially the nodered admin is giving me some headache.

    THX greets from Vienna!


  3. Jaromir
    23. September 2019 @ 21:19

    Recently I tried to install the ssmtp on raspbian buster. Failing at getting it working with the same configuration as with raspbian jessy on my other raspberry pi, I started looking for information and found this one:
    Package is currently unmaintained
    This package has been orphaned since 2019-03-19. msmtp can be used as an alternative.
    I installed msmtp-mta and it works well on raspbian buster.


  4. Matt Lumb
    14. January 2020 @ 5:12


    i enjoy your videos and have followed them with mostly success. I’m trying to get a remote beehive monitoring system up and running made up of Raspberry Pi, Enviro+ data capture, thermal and normal cameras and a strain gauge for the weight. It will be in a group of hive up to about 100 that i want to monitor the same way.

    Do you do projects such as this as a sideline to your professional and other commitments?

    I’m happy to pay for your time and costs associated.

    I’m sure you are too busy but i thought i’d ask

    Matt Lumb



    • admin
      22. January 2020 @ 7:44

      Hi Matt, YouTube is only my hobby and I do not consult or do projects in this area. I made once a video about measuring weight which also can be used for beehives. There you find valuable info from beekeepers in the comments


    • Sean Sturley
      14. February 2020 @ 12:02


      Have you found anyone to assist you in your beehive monitoring project?

      If you are still interested in collaborating with someone, send me a message.

      I am a Cyber Security/IoT researcher & beekeeper(no current hives as about to relocate) and have been researching/developing a low powered LoraWan based monitoring system which I would be happy to discuss.

      Kind Regards



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