1. vinc
    22. July 2019 @ 7:47

    Hello Andreas
    i think this image http://www.sensorsiot.org/node-red-infuxdb-grafana-installation/
    is not working on a raspberry 4.
    Do you have the Single steps also documented?

    my Goal would be to have a Raspberry Pi
    attached a SSH Disk

    with a Node-Red, InfuxDB & Grafana Installation
    mqtt / Moskitto
    and the rtl_433-for-a-sdr-rtl-dongle
    Also Lora Information should arrive there at the end.

    but a stumble over the installation

    have a nice day


    • bogi
      11. December 2020 @ 21:08

      vinc, have you found a way to hoopk RB Pi4 with SSD to run all these cookies without SD card? I’m also interested in grafana, influxdv and mosquitto with nodered for home automation without commercial clouds involved.


  2. Daniel
    22. July 2019 @ 9:16

    Thanks a lot for the great work and your great videos!

    Is it maybe possible to make a video showing how to change the passwords?
    Especially the nodered admin is giving me some headache.

    THX greets from Vienna!


  3. Jaromir
    23. September 2019 @ 21:19

    Recently I tried to install the ssmtp on raspbian buster. Failing at getting it working with the same configuration as with raspbian jessy on my other raspberry pi, I started looking for information and found this one:
    Package is currently unmaintained
    This package has been orphaned since 2019-03-19. msmtp can be used as an alternative.
    I installed msmtp-mta and it works well on raspbian buster.


  4. Matt Lumb
    14. January 2020 @ 5:12


    i enjoy your videos and have followed them with mostly success. I’m trying to get a remote beehive monitoring system up and running made up of Raspberry Pi, Enviro+ data capture, thermal and normal cameras and a strain gauge for the weight. It will be in a group of hive up to about 100 that i want to monitor the same way.

    Do you do projects such as this as a sideline to your professional and other commitments?

    I’m happy to pay for your time and costs associated.

    I’m sure you are too busy but i thought i’d ask

    Matt Lumb



    • admin
      22. January 2020 @ 7:44

      Hi Matt, YouTube is only my hobby and I do not consult or do projects in this area. I made once a video about measuring weight which also can be used for beehives. There you find valuable info from beekeepers in the comments


    • Sean Sturley
      14. February 2020 @ 12:02


      Have you found anyone to assist you in your beehive monitoring project?

      If you are still interested in collaborating with someone, send me a message.

      I am a Cyber Security/IoT researcher & beekeeper(no current hives as about to relocate) and have been researching/developing a low powered LoraWan based monitoring system which I would be happy to discuss.

      Kind Regards



  5. Dorian Wiskow
    12. June 2020 @ 15:33

    HI Andreas

    Great topic . . . I have been a YouTube subscriber to your channel for a while and really enjoy your educational, informative and entertaining videos. This topic inspired me to set up an IOT server using docker containers on an old Pi3 . . . and I now wanted to share back in return.

    I created a a simple bash script to easily to monitor multiple Raspberry Pi’s (CPU Temperatures, Frequencies, etc) and publish this information using MQTT . . . the IOTstack provided a simple and easy capability to use this, process the data through NodeRed, log the data with InfluxDB and finally produce a very slick looking dashboard with Grafana (some screen shots are available on the discord here (https://discordapp.com/channels/638610460567928832/638610461109256194/720996520555577374)


    # To view this MQTT message subscribe to topic ‘server/+’
    # mosquitto_sub -h dockerPi.local -t server/+
    x=$(vcgencmd measure_temp)
    x=$(vcgencmd measure_clock arm)
    x=$(vcgencmd measure_clock core)
    x=$(vcgencmd measure_clock H264)
    x=$(vcgencmd measure_volts core)
    x=$(vcgencmd get_throttled)
    mosquitto_pub -h dockerPi.local -t server/$host -m $msg


  6. Dorian Wiskow
    12. June 2020 @ 15:59

    PS: I think this might make a really good follow up to your YouTube video #295 (Raspberry Pi Server based on Docker) . . . by showing how to simply download/install the IOTstack and then very quickly and easily implement Raspberry Pi monitoring across multiple Pi’s, so that you know whether your Pi’s are overheating and/or throttling at any point.

    I am happy to share the bash script (I tried in my post above !), the dashboard I created, and details of the very simple NodeRed flow, so that others could copy/implement this as quickly and easily as I did (less than an hour from start to finish . . . once I properly understood it !).

    Let me know if this works for you by sending me an email and I will share the collateral by return.


  7. Pierre R
    7. July 2021 @ 12:20

    I get the following error upon running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

    E: The repository ‘https://dl.bintray.com/fg2it/deb jessie Release’ does no longer have a Release file.
    N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

    is this distrib out of date ?


    • admin
      8. July 2021 @ 14:06

      This is an old project. It was replaced with IOTstack. Maybe you have a look at this project?


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