1. Vincent Lynos
    20. May 2019 @ 7:32

    That’s a wonderful Youtube channel you got there, it would be so great if you could feature/review some of our stuff in your upcoming vids, is that possible?

  2. Daniel ROBERT
    17. June 2019 @ 15:06

    Hello, Thank you for theses tricks. Unformtunately, the switch is not working.I was happy to be able to simplify my power ON and OFF procedure. I use the version with scripts and your method is much easier to implement. This is the method I use that works.

    add commande in /etc/rc.local
    sudo nano /etc/rc.local

    sudo python /home/pi/PiSupply/softshut.py
    avant la ligne exit 0

    Create folder ‘PiSupply’ into pi
    create file softshut.py
    put this into
    # Import the modules to send commands to the system and access GPIO pins
    from subprocess import call
    import RPi.GPIO as gpio

    # Define a function to keep script running
    def loop():

    # Define a function to run when an interrupt is called
    def shutdown(pin):
    call(‘halt’, shell=False)

    gpio.setmode(gpio.BOARD) # Set pin numbering to board numbering
    gpio.setup(7, gpio.IN) # Set up pin 7 as an input
    gpio.add_event_detect(7, gpio.RISING, callback=shutdown, bouncetime=200) # Set up an interrupt to look for button presses

    loop() # Run the loop function to keep script running

    set right to ‘execute’ to softshut.py
    sudo chmod +x softshut.py


    If I can implement this method, I should be able to implement yours.
    Thank you for your help.

  3. Luciano Paitch
    10. July 2019 @ 13:26

    Keep going Sir! The best Youtube channel for eletronics, ESPs, Pis and all this stuff.. I´ve learned a lot so far with you..
    Kudos and Best Regards!

  4. Daniel ROBERT
    11. July 2019 @ 6:09

    Hello, I just try with the last Raspbian and a Rpi 3B+ and that work. Thank-you for thé help.

  5. Ian N
    16. June 2020 @ 14:57

    Enjoy your work and that you share, you have a typo in the Pi 3 RAM
    The Pi 3 has 1 MB RAM

    Should be 1GB and of course the Pi4 has more, are the GPIO pins the same?

  6. Pace Bonner
    18. June 2021 @ 19:28

    I love your channel. Great content.

    I built the switch for the Raspberry Pi. I did make one modification. I put some hot glue between the switch and the sockets to give the switch some support.

  7. Max Good
    10. August 2021 @ 13:02

    When you say it will NOT boot anymore, is that just for gpio21 or do you mean that it only boots with power (disconnected first) connected as usual. or will it start with gpio3 ?

    • admin
      11. August 2021 @ 8:11

      It only boots with power on if you use GPIO3. Otherwise you have to disconnect and reconnect power

      • Max Good
        11. August 2021 @ 20:02

        Yes so it will work like a normal front panel switch as long as I stay with GPIO3 🙂
        Great and thank you.

  8. Mariano
    15. April 2023 @ 15:06

    HI AndreasSpiess,

    I saw your shop window at the link:
    I live in Italy
    you don’t sell in Italy?
    could you sell in Italy in the future?

    I saw your site:

    I wanted to ask you,
    in the raspberri pi tab,
    especially the Zero W or the Zero 2 W,
    which is the best place to disable the wifi-bt,
    which processor pin?

    the link may be useful:

    could you make a video on your youtube.com channel
    how to disable-enable wifi-bt, with a switch…

    hello thanks and Let me know

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