1. Vincent Lynos
    20. May 2019 @ 7:32

    That’s a wonderful Youtube channel you got there, it would be so great if you could feature/review some of our stuff in your upcoming vids, is that possible?


  2. Daniel ROBERT
    17. June 2019 @ 15:06

    Hello, Thank you for theses tricks. Unformtunately, the switch is not working.I was happy to be able to simplify my power ON and OFF procedure. I use the version with scripts and your method is much easier to implement. This is the method I use that works.

    add commande in /etc/rc.local
    sudo nano /etc/rc.local

    sudo python /home/pi/PiSupply/softshut.py
    avant la ligne exit 0

    Create folder ‘PiSupply’ into pi
    create file softshut.py
    put this into
    # Import the modules to send commands to the system and access GPIO pins
    from subprocess import call
    import RPi.GPIO as gpio

    # Define a function to keep script running
    def loop():

    # Define a function to run when an interrupt is called
    def shutdown(pin):
    call(‘halt’, shell=False)

    gpio.setmode(gpio.BOARD) # Set pin numbering to board numbering
    gpio.setup(7, gpio.IN) # Set up pin 7 as an input
    gpio.add_event_detect(7, gpio.RISING, callback=shutdown, bouncetime=200) # Set up an interrupt to look for button presses

    loop() # Run the loop function to keep script running

    set right to ‘execute’ to softshut.py
    sudo chmod +x softshut.py


    If I can implement this method, I should be able to implement yours.
    Thank you for your help.


  3. Luciano Paitch
    10. July 2019 @ 13:26

    Keep going Sir! The best Youtube channel for eletronics, ESPs, Pis and all this stuff.. I´ve learned a lot so far with you..
    Kudos and Best Regards!


  4. Daniel ROBERT
    11. July 2019 @ 6:09

    Hello, I just try with the last Raspbian and a Rpi 3B+ and that work. Thank-you for thé help.


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