1. Danang Pratama
    22. June 2017 @ 21:27

    Excuse me sir, i want to ask something
    i want make project like your but i do not have IRLZ44N, i just have the brother (IRFZ44N) can i use it ? for replace the job of IRLZ44N ?
    Thank for your attention


    • admin
      23. June 2017 @ 10:13

      Just try. Maybe it works. I am not sure


  2. Tzahi
    4. November 2017 @ 18:46

    Love this project. It’s just what i was looking for.
    And your tutorials and lessons are excellent.


    • admin
      11. November 2017 @ 7:01

      You are welcome!


  3. SKR
    13. November 2017 @ 16:25

    Thank you for sharing all the Informations with the other makers!
    I learned a lot!
    Great Project(s)/Lessons!
    Please go on like that!


    • admin
      14. November 2017 @ 7:23

      Thanks, Steffen


  4. Umer
    25. December 2017 @ 6:14

    Thanks alot for this. just what i was looking for. my current fan is way too noisy. i will probably need to replace that but will also implement your exercise to control the speed.


  5. Doug Fortune
    4. September 2018 @ 18:07

    In your Youtube #137 you test an IRLZ44N and say that is OK for logic level switching for RasPi PWM purposes, and in Youtube #138 you also use an IRLZ44N but have a text over-writing the video at 1:02 saying IRF3708 is better, and the reason you say (in the comments) say “a low Vgs (much lower than 3.3 volts) is important”. Does this negate your test of the IRLZ44N in video #137?

    I am interested in using the ESP32 to drive single or parallel (for higher total current) PWM …. perhaps you can consider doing the same sort of video as #138 but use ESP32, hardware PWM of single & multiple channels, and driving a much higher current load (instead of a fan). In that video maybe you can show both IRLZ44N and IRF3708 and explain why IRF3708 is a better choice.

    Related to that ESP32 above… have you seen the http://www.M5Stack.com device? It integrates an ESP32, a color screen, 3 buttons into an expandable production-ready box. I would love to see you review it.

    Keep up the great work!


    • admin
      9. September 2018 @ 22:50

      1. You always can check the datasheets of the different FETS. The IRLZ44 worked for me under normal conditions. If I remember right, a viewer told me that the IRF3708 had a lower Vgs which is always good for our purpose
      2. I have an M5stack but so far never used it. It seems a little expensive compared with other boards. I anyway print my own box for my project. So its box is not a big advantage for me.


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