1. Hamed
    12. December 2017 @ 4:39


    We are working on a cost effective solution to extend the range of LORA for our application. We are trying to implement LORA in a mesh network, therefore, one node can send its signal to its neighbor nodes and after several attempts to the gateway. Actually, we want to put nodes every 500/1000 meters and have one gateway for each 10km*10km area. Do you think working on LORA to make it a mesh network makes sense or we should change the communication protocol? What would you do if you wanted to build such a system?



    • admin
      5. January 2018 @ 16:01

      I think LoRa is a good communication protocol for slow speeds. Mesh will reduce this speed and you have to decide if it is fast enough. Maybe a “relay” type of network is a better approach if you have a mountain close to your devices. Would be much easier and line of sight, LoRa works over many kilometers or miles. Most Amateur Radio concepts also depend on this kind of architecture.


  2. Thierry Joubert
    17. January 2018 @ 7:34

    Hi Andreas,
    Great idea to open a blog!! I love your videos but I much appreciate the text interface (I guess it is also linked to my pre-web education). It is a very good complement to your YouTube channel even though I understand the tremendous quantity of work invested to reach this level of quality.

    I promise, from now on, I’ll always shop through the links on your page 😉

    I teach IoT development on various MPUs and MCUs, now I’m preparing a “Do your own sensor” unconference for absolute beginners and your shared experience with Wemos is very valuable. Hope I’ll have time to contribute on IoTAppStory.

    Cheers, Thierry


    • admin
      21. January 2018 @ 0:33

      Hi Thierry,
      I try to update documentation as soon as I have time.



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