LoRa Gateway as Wemos Shield

Recently I read, that the Dragino Single channel gateways do not work anymore (because of a change of the backbone). But I read also, that the small ESP8266 gateways still work. The problem seems to be solved. So, I built such a gateway. It can be mounted on a Wemos and you can also mount a small OLED display on top. Cool.

Now, the display shows, when traffic arrives and also the time it arrived, the RSSI, ┬áthe SNR and the length. Of course, you cannot display the content or the sender. This information is encrypted…

In addition, two Neopixels show the state of the gateway.

Look at the size of the Gateway (right) compared with the Arduino/Dragino node. it is really cute!

I am now preparing the video to show you, how to build it.