1. Stefan
    7. January 2018 @ 19:29

    Hi Andreas,

    it’s very off-topic: I have bought the USB soldering iron from video “#114 Mailbag”. In general it seems to work, but I measure a constant current of 1,45 A. It does not seem to regulate its temperature (switch off). One viewer also statet in the comments to this video, that his tip began to glow. Can you maybe verify this? (I have bought it to have a fine tip to solder the RT9013 in between – until you realize the project with the “Weller tip”.)

    P.S.: I really like your youtube channel and already learned a lot from it!


    • admin
      11. January 2018 @ 9:17

      mine draws around 1.2-1.3A and does not glow. However, it is quite hot (around 400 degrees unused)


  2. Robert Werner
    8. January 2018 @ 19:43

    Thanks for your help with this Instructable:

    I really enjoy your videos–they are certainly the best I have ever seen for intelligent analysis of these devices.


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