1. netdago
    14. April 2017 @ 8:54

    I am very happy about the development and success of your very useful contributions.
    Thank you!


  2. admin
    14. April 2017 @ 8:56

    You are welcome!


    • D Bales
      12. December 2019 @ 18:49

      Andreis, I wanted to thank you for all your videos and the work and thought that goes into them. You are an incredible non biased person that helps this community immensely. I am a private pilot who has built my own plane in Western Canada and flown a similar plane in Austria and Denmark. Please let me know the best way of supporting your activities financially as this is a welcome and much appreciated resource for my hobbies and activities. B.T.W. I love the Swiss accent!


      • admin
        16. December 2019 @ 18:32

        Unfortunately, I cannot help here because I get a lot of such questions and have no time. YouTube is only my hobby.


  3. Tobi
    14. April 2017 @ 10:41

    Hi Andreas,
    Thank you very much for all the information you are providing to your audience. Now even with additional information on this blog. You are one the very few YouTubers who are providing continously quality content in a form with is understandable even for beginners. I greatly appreciate all of the work you are putting into your blog, iotappstory and of course your YouTube channel!
    Please keep doing what you are doing, every video is great and I’m always excited for the next one!
    Btw: Do you also have an affiliate link for AliExpress?



  4. hsmptg
    14. April 2017 @ 11:08

    I wish you all the sucess in this new platform.


  5. Rolland Jones
    14. April 2017 @ 18:30

    Hi Andreas, thanks for all the time you put in these web projects you do. It is really appreciated. I’m always looking for a new video and I’m a fan. Your channel and Dave’s are on the top of my list. I was wondering how you can manage all the time invested in producing your videos and still have some left for the rest of our hectic lives. Did you find a time machine or what?
    What can I say, keep it up, we love it. I’d like to visit you sometime and see how you do it. I live in Quebec so it’s a long swim for me.


  6. jeff
    16. April 2017 @ 6:12

    Keep up the great work and you are assured success.


  7. Johnb449
    23. April 2017 @ 9:16

    This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing.


  8. Jari
    23. October 2019 @ 9:00

    Gruetzi Andreas,

    And greetings from Lausanne…

    I saw your youtube vidéo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpKoLvqOWyc about the cheap VNA.
    I have difficulties in getting it from AliExpress. Can you share with me the exact Verkäufer you’ve used to get one?

    Thanks and great video you’re doing. If you happen to go through Welschland in the coming time just come by for a coffee. Have a look at what we’re doing on http://www.agorabee.com



    • admin
      7. November 2019 @ 18:01

      Hi Jari,
      Interesting stuff you do in the IoT field. It is probably a competitive area…
      Concerning the VNA: It should be easy to get a N1201SA ( http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/5mmSQBs8
      ) My supplier unfortunately does not sell it anymore.


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