1. Nick Garrod
    10. October 2019 @ 14:54

    Hi Andreas, in the automatic startup script for the DFC77 remote controller, I think there is an error. There is a spurious y after the [Service] header. Thank you for providing the example, as I always need to look these things up. Hardware is more my thing.
    Nick G0OQK


    • admin
      7. November 2019 @ 18:08

      Hi Nick,
      Thank you for your info. Now the “y” should be removed…


  2. Marcus Tarquinio
    14. October 2019 @ 17:36

    Hi Andreas. I been following your youtube channel for a while now. I am a big MicroPython fan and every Sunday I hope that the topic of your video will be on MicroPython. I have some spare devices with the K210 chip. I wonder if are interested I can donate one to the channel.

    Let me know…


    • admin
      7. November 2019 @ 18:02

      Hi Marcus,
      thank you for your offer. I have a few of the K210 modules, but so far did not find time to use them 🙁


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