1. Johan Hedbrant
    25. September 2017 @ 9:34

    Dear Andreas,

    Thanks for your excellent blogs and videos, they are outstanding in inspiration and pedagogics!

    I have some IKEA Tradfri bulbs and remote controls, and want to make a “Good night” button, where I can turn off several groups by clicking only one remote. I figured I could do this with Node-red.

    Unfortunately I don’t get the same response from Node-red and tradfri_get as your YouTube #145 at 7:40. When I send an “a” I dont get anything back from tradfri (ie no array etc). If I however send an ID-number, ie 65537, I get an msgid back, but not anything readable (as arrays etc)

    Is this a simple solution to this? I want to read the state of the remote GOOD-NIGHT, and if it has changed from on to off, I’ll switch off the bulb groups?

    (I can “almost” do this with Scargill’s COAPs and a Python program that is looping code from the wrappers. It however only works for an hour or so, then it hangs due to some misreading etc. Maybe a Node-red flow is more reliable…? 🙂 )

    Kind regards


  2. Johan Hedbrant
    25. September 2017 @ 15:48

    FOUND IT, I think! 🙂

    The Node-red module “tradfri get” gives a decent response to the debug module if feeded with a NUMBER instead of a string for the ID-number, eg for the GOOD-NIGHT remote (group). I’ll try this new track! My mistake, sorry for the inconvenience! X-)

    KR /j


  3. Joni Räsänen
    29. October 2017 @ 13:43

    Hi, Nice video! I am wondering could this Python wrapper and CoAP also discover Trådfri remote controllers and can they paired with Trådfri hub like Philips Hue does? I can image multiple use cases for these cheap battery powered controllers with one or more buttons.


    • admin
      11. November 2017 @ 7:07

      I never tried it but it should be possible.


  4. Tuomas
    30. October 2017 @ 21:46

    Awesome video and blog post. As inspiration of this, I bought set of IKEA TRÅDFRI and Raspi3 and started to play around with Node-red. I got my basic flows setup and have my “nice” node-red ui dashboard setup etc…

    I got to the point to start playing around with the dimmer and color changes, now I wanted to import your flow to my node-red to see the function you wrote. But here I hit a wall, it seems that if I copy paste your flow, node-red is not allowing me to import it (leaves the greyed out). Could there be a bug in the copy paste above? I tried to do import to both Raspi and my Bluemix node-red, but it is not going in ether one of them.


    • admin
      11. November 2017 @ 7:06

      I just tried it and it worked for me. But keep in mind that this flow uses a SQlite node which has to be installed first. I use Peter Scargills script which installs lots of additional nodes.


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    3. November 2017 @ 19:57


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